Haleyville Area  Chamber of commerce

Welcome to the Haleyville Area Chamber of Commerce. We are located in northwest Alabama, a pleasant, scenic drive any time of the year. We thank our members for their support and involvement in the Haleyville Area Chamber of Commerce.

City of Haleyville


Five Year Comprehensive Plan - This document provides the City of Haleyville the vision, policies, goals, and objectives that will guide the city in economic and community development. The community vision for future growth is a culmination of the collective work of the city officials, residents, civic organizations, and the industrial community. The plan is intended to improve the quality of life and health, safety and welfare of the community, its residents, businesses, and visitors.

Haleyville Business License Application (printable PDF)
Haleyville Business License Application (printable Word Document)

City Council - The city council is comprised of 5 members working closely with department head to address the needs and concerns of the citizens of Haleyville: 
Ken Sunseri, Mayor
Richard Bittenger, Liaison to Haleyville Fire Department
Jonathan Bennett, Liaison to Haleyville Parks & Rec
Bud Wilson, Liaison to Streets & Sanitation
Drew Thrasher, Liaison to Haleyville Police Dept
Royce Benefield, Liaison to Finance Department
Jeff Mobley, Haleyville City Attorney

City Clerk - Individuals interested in applying for a business license or parties needing information concerning the operation of the city should contact the City Clerk's office. Official records of the city government, court dockets and warrants are maintained through the City Clerk' s office. Debra Hood, City Clerk - Phone (205) 486-3121 or Fax (205) 486-9048 or email the City Clerk's office at dhood@cityofhaleyville.com

Haleyville Library - Library Board: Will Walker, Carolyn Bevis, Barbara Grant, Wallace George. Librarian Carla Waldrep and Assistant Librarian Suzzane Fowler
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Haleyville Airport - Posey Field - The airport is located three miles northeast of the City of Haleyville. Posey Field has a runway 18/36 that is 5,008 feet long x 100 feet wide with an average runway elevation of 930 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL). The runway and taxiway are lighted with medium intensity runway lights (MIRL). Runway End Identification Lighting (REILs) have also been installed and also Beacon Lighting. Other information includes:


The Haleyville Streets & Sanitation Department 204 10th Avenue, Haleyville, AL 35565 Phone (205) 486-5025
The City of Haleyville is proud of the services that the Haleyville Streets & Sanitation Department provides to the residents.
The Street and Sanitation Department office and garage is located at 1204 10th Avenue.
The department provides street maintenance and storm drainage maintenance for the city. They also maintain a garage to service all city vehicles. They are also responsible for the pick up and disposal of garbage.

Haleyville Police Department - Police (205) 486-5201 Tip/Hotline (205) 486-1533
The Haleyville Police Department is comprised of 5 divisions: Uniformed Patrol, which includes one full-time K-9 officer, Investigations, Communications, Records, and Support. The Investigations division includes one full-time criminal investigator and one full-time narcotics investigator. The department consist of 13 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee as well as 5 full-time civilian employees and 6 part-time civilian employees, all highly competent, committed and dedicated men and women providing service and protection to the city and its residents on a full-time basis.

Haleyville Fire Department  - (205) 486-2435 Haleyville Fire/Rescue is a combination department that provides fire protection with a full time chief plus 3 other fulltime career firefighters, 36 paid on call firefighters of which 19 are certified volunteer firefighters, 14 certified as firefighter II,13 first responders, 4 EMT-Basics and 1 Paramedic. Station 1 is manned by two full time certified firefighters per shift. Firefighters work 24 hours on and 48 hours off except the fire marshal who works 8 hr dayshifts during the week and relief shift work as needed.
The Fire Department's coverage area includes the City of Haleyville and surrounding communities in both Winston and Marion Counties. The coverage area is approximately 72 square miles and serves a population of roughly 12,000 people.
Learn more about the Haleyville Fire Department at haleyvillefire.org 

Public Transportation - NACOLG is a public transit system and provides services to those individuals in need of assistance to and from areas in Haleyville and surrounding areas.

Haleyville Historical Society

The Haleyville Historical Society is a private, non-profit educational institution. The role of the Historical Society is to encourage understanding and appreciation of Haleyville’s cultural, economic and physical heritage by individuals, agencies and organizations. Learn more...